Consumables for AmoVes 200

We offer suitable consumables in combined packages for the AmoVes phantom systems. All consumables required for the intended use are included in these.

In the following sections, details are given of all the consumables that are required for the operation of the phantom system.

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Consumables for AmoVes 200

You will need the following consumables to operate the phantom system:

Clean & Dry Set

Microbial contamination of the phantom system must be avoided at all costs in the medical environment. The Clean & Dry Set contains a disinfection tablet that can be used to produce a material-friendly disinfectant solution.

In order to absorb any remaining liquid residues from the phantom during transport and storage, two desiccant bags are also included to put in the case.

Superbag FDK

Iodine-based X-ray contrast media can be used for operating the phantom system. These collect in the circulation water. Use the Superbag FDK liquid disposal bag for the environmentally friendly disposal of contrast media-water solutions. The absorber contained in the Superbag FDK binds the liquid and allows it to be disposed of with household waste.

Contrast Medium Administration & Puncture Set

The Contrast Medium Administration & Puncture Set contains all the consumables required for initial start-up and use:

A reusable contrast medium injection tube (CMI tube) is required for initial start-up of the circulation circuit and for contrast medium injection.

Three high-quality piston syringes (2x20ml, 1x10ml) are included for the injection of room air, contrast medium or water, which are connected to the CMI tube using a shutoff valve, three-way valve and tube extension.

The included blunt needle allows the puncture channels of the phantom system to be used.