AmoVes Phantoms

Many angiography devices provide useful additional functions. These additional functions often remain unused in clinical routine because the medical personnel do not have the expertise to use these functions correctly.

The AmoVes Phantoms hve been developed to demonstrate and provide training in the functions of angiography systems. They enable targeted training and further education of medical personnel in the use of angiography systems. Users can familiarize themselves with the technical possibilities of their system before examining and treating human patients.

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Comprehenso AmoVes Phantoms

AmoVes 200

The AmoVes 200 is the current model of the AmoVes phantom family for use on the angiography systems to train imaging techniques. It is supplied in a sturdy transport and storage case.

Mobility Kit for AmoVes 200

The mobility kit enables AmoVes phantom systems to be transported in your hand luggage without the associated transport case, thereby minimizing space requirements.
The Mobility Kit consists of two attachable transportation frames, a transportation reservoir and a robust backpack.

Consumables for AmoVes 200

We offer suitable consumables in combined packages for the AmoVes phantom systems. All consumables required for the intended use are included in these.